Crowdfunding Preorders Fact – You Should Know before Order One!

Things you should know before joining a Kickstarter/Gamefound Preorder with us.

As we have fulfilled, collecting preorders, fulfilling soon, and any other statuses for more than 300-400 projects so far, we have faced some challenges from different publishers, mass producers, fulfillers, shippers, and also end users.

Before proceeding an order with Kohii Board Game Cafe, there are a few things that we would love for everyone to be aligned with. We’ve got them listed them down in point forms, for the ease of reading:

1. We do not have control on delays.
– The crowdfunding (CF) project owner is the one who is responsible on “almost everything”. If their project is behind schedule, you must understand and trust us that we are also sharing the same as your position, which we want you to get your game as soon as possible too. We can’t get the game if they haven’t send us (or even print them). In my personal opinion (Xy who is typing right now… ) 99% of the CF project I backed (not limited to board games), are at least 3-4 months late to the date they promised.

2. We do not have control over product quality.
– Some of the games come with extremely satisfying quality, while very little of them are disappointing. You will find the game box, cards, card boards, or even inserts at different levels of satisfaction. Base on our experience, the publishers will have to go through a process where they approve a MPC (Mass Production Copy) before assembling all the printed materials. If they tell you “this wasn’t what we wanted/ordered”, that’s pretty much a lie…

3. We cannot control the condition of the game.
– We recently had 1-2 cases where the “newly printed” game has mould issues. Based on our current operation flow, once the game arrives in our warehouse, we will ship them out in less than a week. This means the game might be contaminated during printing, mass production warehouse, fulfiller warehouse, or even during transportation. We need you to understand that we cannot be responsible on this matter, and the best we could do is to file a complaint on your behalf to the publisher. Replacement is at the publisher’s discretion. Even if you are a direct backer of the game yourselves, same thing might still happen. Usually, big company/well established publisher will have no problem on replacing an affected component for you unless.. they have no plan to offer after-sales services.

4. There’s missing item, and I want them now.
– Surprisingly, missing out item(s) in an order is very common, and that it actually happens. 30% of the project arrival does not come in sync with what we have paid/ordered with them. We do not understand how can this happen, but we ensure that sending two parcels to you at our own cost is not what we wanted to happen, but we do it for you at no extra. You must understand, we could possibly hold the game until everything has arrived before we send you any. As a board game collector, I (Xy again) want you to enjoy instant gratification first before others.

5. Then, why should I preorder with you if you are not going to be responsible for the mentioned?
– As you may have already noticed, direct importing a game from overseas will incur higher shipping fee, and also custom tax (10% + 10% SST) on your own shipment. If you run through a calculation, you might find that our “final price” is always lower, and it releases you from the hassle and concerns on tax because we have been covering them using our discount that is given by the publishers when we buy in bulk. When it comes in bulk, the transportation is safer too (loading via pallet).

I am also sharing my understanding about CF platform to you:
– As you may have realized, most of the companies that go to the CF platform, are medium-small-micro publishers that want their project(s) to run without having to worry about having a huge capital, printing them first, and counting to sell them away in 1-2 years, to earn back their money. You cannot count on them to provide the same service level like some of the established companies such as Asmodee, CMON, and etc. In which, they will react to replacement without much questions asked.

By reading the paragraphs, (thank you so much for your time!) I hope you understand that Kohii Board Game Cafe is in the same position as you, where we also want to get the game as soon as possible, without any delay/ receiving the promised quality, and in the best condition possible without any missing items. The main reason that we offer CF preorders is to make oversea games much more accessible at a reasonable price (instead of paying super premium shipping and taxes).

We love you guys, and we hope you feel the same way too.



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