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Aug/Sept 2023 Games Arrival

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived, and it’s bringing a world of entertainment[...]

Bansan – Local Designed Board Game

It’s been a month since Bansan is launched in Malaysia and received very great response.[...]

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Crowdfunding Preorders Fact – You Should Know before Order One!

Things you should know before joining a Kickstarter/Gamefound Preorder with us. As we have fulfilled,[...]

June 2023 Arrival Updates

Yeap! I know it’s been awhile since we have arrival updates! Sorry but we’ll back[...]

Kohii has became CMON’s Exclusive in Malaysia and Happy 5th Birthday!

Effective from 15th Feb 2023 onwards, Kohii Board Game Cafe (Malaysia) has became a CMON[...]

Kickstarter/ Preorder Term and Condition Updates [(2023)

The team at Kohii has been working endlessly to bring in more and exciting games[...]

Dec 22 Arrival Updates

Long waited Essen Spiel 2022 titles are finally here (about 80%)! We’ll continue to bring[...]

Oct 22 Arrival Updates

In this update you might see some long waited titles, and also a beginning of[...]

Sep 2022 Arrival Updates

Long waited Marvel’s United X-Men is here along with some interesting titles such as Dwelling[...]

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Aug 2022 (2nd) Arrival Updates

Followed few days later by our smaller arrival, here’s a bigger batch of arrival along[...]