April 2024 Games Arrival

We’re delighted to share some thrilling news with you all – our eagerly awaited May 2024 board game shipment has arrived in our warehouse as we speak! Prepare to embark on new adventures, challenge your strategic skills, and immerse yourselves in a world of endless fun and excitement.

This shipment is packed with an array of captivating titles, carefully selected to cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer seeking the latest strategy games, a social butterfly eager for party favorites, or a family looking for wholesome fun, there’s something special waiting just for you.

From captivating storytelling to intense showdowns, each title promises to offer hours of entertainment and enjoyment for you and your friends or family.

As always, our dedicated staff will be on hand to assist you with recommendations, answer any questions, and ensure that your experience at Kohii Board Game Cafe is nothing short of fantastic.

So make sure you grab some games and get ready to dive into a world of gaming bliss with our May 2024 board game shipment. We can’t wait to share the excitement with all of you!

Game Arrived as below:

12 Chip Trick
28 Days (EN/TH)
Adventure Tactics: Adventures In Alchemy LTM031
Ark Nova: Marine Worlds
Avant Carde
Beacon Patrol
Beer & Bread
Blank Slate
Canvas: Deluxe Edition
Canvas: Finishing Touches Deluxe
Cascadia Landmarks
Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game Standard Edition
Covalence: A Molecule Building Game
Cthulhu: Death May Die
Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City Retail Pledge
Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game
Dorfromantik: The Duel
Draft & Write Records
Exploding Kittens Recipes For Disaster
Flamecraft EN (Retail)
Fractal Beyond The Void BTV Collector
Leaf Retail Edition
Leaf Season of the Bear Expansion
Lorenzo il Magnifico – Big Box
Machi Koro (5th Anniversary)
Mind Up!
Modern Art
Nucleum: Australia
Order Overload: Cafe
Origins: Ancient Wonders

Peptide 2nd Board Game
Periodic: A Game of The Elements
Rats of Wistar
Roll Player Adventures Gulpaxs Secret
SIF TableTop Miniatures Game STARTERSET1BW0334
SIF: Baratheon Halberdiers (EN/SCN) SIF817
SIF: Bolton Starter Set (EN/SCN)
SIF: Casterly Rock Honor Guard SIF213
SIF: Free Folk Heroes 1 SIF409
SIF: Free Folk Skinchangers SIF402
SIF: Free Folk Spearwives SIF405
SIF: Free Folk Starter Set (EN/SCN)
SIF: Giant Spear Throwers (EN/SCN) SIF418
SIF: House Umber Ravages (EN/SCN) SIF118
SIF: Night’s Watch Starter Set (EN/SCN)
SIF: Stark vs Lannister Starter Set (TCN)
SIF: Stony Shore Pillagers (EN/SCN) SIF911
SIF: Thorn Guard (EN/SCN)
SIF: Varamyr Sixskins (EN/SCN/TCN) SIF417
Solar Sphere Playmat DRNP003
Stranger Things: Upside Down
Subatomic EN 1st Retail Version
The Fuzzies
The Vale of Eternity
Time Trunk Man (EN/TH)
Turing Machine
Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze 701626-UMAVEN112023 (3701551701626)
Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol 2
Unmatched: Beowulf vs. Little Riding Red Hood
Virulence: An Infectious Card Game
Wyrmspan STM850 850032180788
Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack STM851 850032180795
Zombicide 2nd Edition

We’ve also fulfilled Kickstarter Titles as below:

Adeventure Tactics W3
Age of Steam Deluxe IV
An Age Contrived
Atlas Lost Rise of the new Sovereigns
Bardwood Grove
Blood on the Clocktower
Chip Theory Games
Chip theory Jan.21
Chronicles of Drunagor
Damien Christmas Miniature
Dodo Dash W2
Dog Park
El Burro
From the Moon

Heliana’s Guide
Heroes of the Shire
Kings of Ruin
Leviathan Wilds
North Sea Metal Coins
Oathsworm Secret Box
Pioneer Rails
Robinson Crusoe
Solar Sphere
Star Tycoon
The 7th Citadel
The Stifling Dark

As for retailer/ distributor who are interested to sell this game in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be distributing Bansan to local game stores in Malaysia.

For any further inquiries, please reach us out at:

🛒 Shop Online: https://shop.kohii.my
🌻Facebook – https://www.fb.com/kohiibgcafe
❤Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kohii.my
✅Whatsapp – 010-4414820
✉Email – hello@kohii.my

💼We also welcome any board game retailers to contact us for any retail purchases for your store.

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