Bansan – Local Designed Board Game

It’s been a month since Bansan is launched in Malaysia and received very great response. The game is well sold in oversea events as well. Here’s some insight about the game:


Bansan (萬山, meaning ‘local wet market’ in the Northern Peninsular Malaysian Hokkien dialect) is a board game inspired by the multi-sensory experience of a bustling local market. In Bansan, players are market vendors who juggle multiple roles—deal with wholesalers and customers, buy and sell ingredients, cook and serve a variety of hawker stall dishes, drinks, and desserts—“bao ka liao”! Navigate the intricate relationships of a local market as you interact with fellow vendors, customers, wholesalers, and municipal council officers. You are guaranteed a taste of the chaos and excitement of a local market.

If you also want to own and play this amazing game, you can grab a copy from our webstore.

As for retailer/ distributor who are interested to sell this game in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be distributing Bansan to local game stores in Malaysia.


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1 thoughts on “Bansan – Local Designed Board Game

  1. Micheal Midian says:

    Bansan is a great resource management and contract fulfilment game with a vibrant and warm local aesthetics, which features high quality components (cards, meeples, waste bins, wallet screens, coins). Most people bought it for the looks and then stayed for the gameplay. You get to stock your stalls then purchase ingredients either from other vendors or the wholesaler, or sell your products to online customers to earn income or even empty waste bins to gain money and create more spaces for better waste management. At any time, you can even trade, bargain or freely give away your ingredients from your shopping bag to other players. Then, complete your shopping lists by fulfilling its requirements then the ingredients spent will be treated as waste and will be thrown in the corresponding bins.

    The flow of the game is incredible which dictates the direction of these produce cards and you can even attempt to predict how can you benefit from stocking and buying to completing your lists. It has good interactivity and replayability values, plus the game itself looks so inviting to bring in both non-gamers and even the experts to enjoy its play. Definitely a must-have game and everyone should be able to live the Bansan experience.

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