Flamecraft Deluxe


Deluxe Edition W/ Metal Coins, Dragon Miniatures, Custom Wood Items   – RM599.00

1 copy of the Flamecraft DELUXE GAME. Features 6 full-color dragon miniatures, GameTrayz custom storage tray and 2 Y-Trayz, upgraded custom painted wooden items, upgraded metal coins in a “dragon-made” cloth bag, dragon meeples, heart meeple plus all amazing shop and dragon artwork. Includes ALL unlocked stretch goals!


  • Flamecraft (Deluxe Edition)
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Exclusive KS items!
  • Adds 6 full-color miniature dragons
  • Upgrades coins to metal in a cloth bag
  • Upgrades items to custom-painted wood
  • Adds GAMETRAYZ and 2 Y-Trayz
  • LIMITED print run

The below items are not included

  • 2 KS exclusive locations in town​
  • 6 Alternate starter shops​
  • Art prints & Companion cards​

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