Kickstarter/ Preorder Term and Condition Updates [(2023)

The team at Kohii has been working endlessly to bring in more and exciting games for our loyal customers. From games ranging from kids to all kinds of ages, we are out there sourcing the games for you!
We strive to bring in more new games, especially kickstarter projects. Our goal is to further expand the board game selection for all our customers so that we can cater to most of your needs. As you may noticed, in the past most of the individual has been paying high shipping fee and probably import tax while getting higher value game from oversea into Malaysia, while ordering with Kohii – these will be taken care by us.

In order for us to fulfill this, the Kohii team will be introducing some small revision to our current terms and conditions for current and upcoming Kickstarter Projects. 

These new terms and conditions are being now introduced to help us perform and tackle this business in a more efficient and effective way. This is also designed to protect you and us.
We also understand that in these times, some may face difficulty in terms of finances, but still have the same passion for board games. Through this, we hope it will help our customers in terms of planning financially for all kickstarter projects.
For all current and upcoming kickstarter projects, Kohii‘s team has implemented the below Terms & Conditions
1. Deposits
– A 50% deposit is to be made upon confirmation of a project and is non-refundable at the time of confirmation and payment
– No cancellations are allowed once a project has been confirmed
2. Collection of balance funds
–  Balance payment is to made in full when Kohii management triggers for the outstanding amount.
– This payment is triggered when the game publisher requests Kohii to make the payment for each project sealed with the publisher.
– All payment (deposit and balance payments) collected are non-refundable
3. Cancellation of projects
– No cancellations are allowed once the project has been confirmed and sealed with the publisher.
Kohii reserves the right to amend, alter, delete or add any of these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. 
The above terms and conditions will be take effect immediately and will supersede all current kickstarter project terms and conditions
Again, we truly appreciate and thank each and everyone of you for your continuous support towards Kohii.  We will continue to perform better to fulfill your demands in an effective manner.

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