Aug 2022 Arrival Updates

We have a small size arrival, for your reference, they are mostly new titles that you might found interested!

The arrival list is as below:

Anachrony Future Imperfect Expansion
Anachrony Fractures of Time Expansion
Anachrony: Essential Edition
Ankh : Gods of Egypt : Pharaoh
Ankh : Gods of Egypt : Guardian Set
Ankh : Gods of Egypt
Ankh : Gods of Egypt : Pantheon
Architects of The West Kingdom
Architects of The West Kingdom : Works of Wonder
Ark Nova
Ashes Reborn : The Boy Among Wolves expansion deck
Blood Rage
Blood Rage: God of Asgard: Hili
Cat Lady
Chronicles of Crime
Coffee Roaster
Cthulhu: Death May Die
Cthulhu: Death May Die Season 2 expansion
Decrypto: Communicate Safely
Exploding Kittens: Recipes For Disaster
Frog Soup
Goat Lords
Hansa Teutonica: Big Box
Last Message
Luna Capital
Magic Maze: Maximum Security
Mantis Falls: A Game of Trust
Massive Darkness 2: Quest Organizer
Massive Darkness 2: Token Chest
Massive Darkness 2: All- in Sleeve Box
Massive Darkness 2: Box B (Four Horsemen, Rainbow Crossing, Emeny & Campaign Box, Heaven Fall)
Massive Darkness 2 : Box A (Hellscape)
Mustachio: Nuts On A Mission
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect : The Pickpocket expansion
Picture Perfect : The Movie Star expansion
Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right
Sleeping God
Sobek: 2 Players
Spy Connection
That Time You Killed Me
The Golfing Dead
The Isle of Cats
Throw Throw Burrito: Original Edition
Throw Throw Avocado
Tiny Towns
Zombie Kittens
Marvel: Dobble
Codenames : Malaysia Edition
Rummikub Mundo
Ticket To Ride Map Collection: Asia


You can grab your preferred titles here –

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