November 2020 Kickstarter and Arrivals

These are some sneak peak for our November 2020 arrival titles. Most of them are still in stock but be fast if you want to secure any rare titles 🙂

Arrival List
Truffle Shuffle
Board Royale: The Island Base Game
Project L Master Pledge
Rising sun core box
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs Official Game Mat
Tiny Epic Quest
Tiny Epic Tactics Base game
7 Souls
The Quick and the Undead
Papillon Base Game
Papillon: Beyond the Meadow
Western Legends: Ante Up
Empyreal: Spells & Steam: Magnate
New Salem 2nd Edition Deluxe
The Zorro Dice Base Game + Expansion: Deluxe
Architects of the West Kingdom
Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans
Brass: Lancashire deluxe KS Edition
Dark Souls: The Board Game
Scythe Legendary Box
Scythe Neoprene Playmat
Scythe The Rise of Fenris
Root Plushie Mouse

Meanwhile, November 2020 is a busy Kickstarter fulfillment month for us. Below is some photos about the arrivals of many many boxes.

1. Viscounts of the West Kingdom & Tomesaga
2. Aeon’s End:Outcasts
3. Pax Pamir 2 – Wave 1
4. 5-Minute Mystery
5. Geek Tank Mini
6. Last Aurora
7. Clash of Rage
8. Lancer
9. Tidal Blades
10. Rambo
11. Taxi Derby
12. Detective Smoke and Mirrors
13. Moonrakers
14. GNA Season 3
15. Dark Rituals
16. Cleopatra

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