July 2022 Pre-Orders Titles

We’re going to have regular posting about new preorder titles that we brought in by monthly basis, or even weekly if that’s lot enough!

As you could see below, we are bringing these games in and most of them are Essen hot cakes, so grab your preorder seats earlier to prevent sold out as we were told we only can get limited units of them because many retailer will be hoarding lots of them.

Please find their name and also product link as below:

Terra Mystica Big Box – RM669.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/terra-mystica-big-box-preorder/

Terracotta Army – RM315.00 (Essen Spiel 2022 Titles)
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/terracotta-army-preorder/

Last Messages – RM129.00 (Asia Best Seller No.2)
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/last-message-pre-order/

Flamecraft (Core Set) – RM179.00 (Essen Spiel 2022 Titles)
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/flamecraft-core-game-preorder/

Yes! Ginseng – RM199.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/yes-ginseng-preorder/

The Red Cathedral – RM159.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/the-red-cathedral/

The Red Cathedral: Contractor Expansion – RM135.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/the-red-cathedral-contractor-expansion-preorder/

Terra Nova (Essen Spiel 2022 Titles – Light Version of Terra Mystica) – RM249.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/terra-nova-preorder/

Lacrimosa (Essen Spiel 2022 RUMORS TOP TITLE) – RM359.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/lacrimosa-preorder/

Skymines (Essen Spiel 2022) – RM315.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/skymines-preorder/

Tidal Blades – Heroes of Reef (Essen Spiel 2022) – RM179.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/tidal-blades-heroes-of-the-reef-preorder/

Marvel United Core Game – RM179.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/marvel-united-core-game-preorder/

Bot Factory (Kickstarter Preorder) – RM269.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/bot-factory-kickstarter-preorder/

Dice Thrones: Santa vs Krampus – RM159/ RM265.00
Order link – https://shop.kohii.my/product/dice-throne-santa-vs-krampus-ks-edition-preorder/

To shop for entire list (we might add more within these few days – visit this list – https://shop.kohii.my/product-tag/july-22-preorder/

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