Vindication® Board Game and Chronicles Expansion – Kickstarter


BLUE TIER — Vindication® Chronicles – RM129.00


Vindication® Chronicles expansion only. Also includes anything in the campaign labeled “Free on Kickstarter”. Requires, but does not include Vindication® base game.


  • Vindication® Chronicles

ORANGE TIER — Vindication® Base Game – RM399.00


Vindication® Base Game with all previous stretch goal component upgrades and bonus content. Also includes anything in the campaign labeled “Free on Kickstarter”.


  • Vindication® Base Game

ALL-IN TIER – RM1149.00

Everything ever made for Vindication®. Contains the newly announced Villages & Hamlets Module Collection, and enough high-quality custom sleeves for every single card.


  • Vindication® Base Game
  • Vindication®: Promo Pack 2018
  • Vindication®: Sleeves 69×69 100 pack
  • Vindication®: Sleeves 69×120 100 pack
  • Vindication®: Leaders & Alliances
  • Vindication®: Community Pack 2019
  • Vindication®: Tuuk Tuuk Boulder Hulk
  • Vindication®: Boulder Hulk Awakened in Clamshell
  • Vindication®: Guilds & Monuments Upgrade Pack
  • Vindication®: Metal Threshold Medallions
  • Vindication®: Promo Pair Dice Tower
  • Vindication®: Promo Pair Spotlight
  • Vindication®: Promo Pair BGR
  • Vindication®: Promo Pair MVM
  • Vindication®: Worldbox: Odyssey
  • Vindication®: Promo Pack 2020
  • Vindication®: Promo Pack Wintertide
  • Vindication®: Chronicles
  • Vindication®: Villages & Hamlets
  • Vindication®: Community Pack 2021

ARCHIVE OF THE ANCIENTS — ready to fill – RM175.00

The Archive of the Ancients is a massive upgrade to Vindication that introduces loads of new quality-of-life content, including a huge box that holds darn near everything and has room for future content as well. The Archive includes:

  • Single box storage solution — holds everything ever made (except the neoprene board)
  • Unified rulebook — all expansion and module content collected in a single master rulebook
  • Brand new Gametrayz storage system for all released content
  • Expanded, colored, personal player trays with room for all expansion content
  • Illustrated card boxes
  • Card dividers, each with various orientations for maximum customization
  • 5 new action trackers in dual-layered 3mm black core with thick wooden discs

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