Oceans – Deluxe Edition – Kickstarter


Deluxe Edition Pledge Level 

You get Oceans’ Deluxe Edition and all unlocked stretch goals. The Deluxe Edition improves on the Standard Edition in the following ways:

  • Includes 215 deluxe translucent acrylic fish tokens in 6 colors, instead of the cardboard fish tokens in the standard edition.
  • Includes custom-printed, high-quality food bags for storing your points, instead of cardboard player screens.
  • Includes 220 custom Oceans card sleeves, for sleeving both the core trait cards and The Deep trait cards, plus spares.Estimated Delivery Time: Sept 2019

Oceans Promo Bundle 1 – RM30.00
Oceans Promo Bundle 2 – RM45.00

Earn up to 339 Points.

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