Gùgōng: Pànjūn Deluxe Expansion – Kickstarter


Big Box Deluxe – RM599.00

Includes one Deluxe Edition of the Gùgōng Big Box with a velvet finish, containing the content of the Gùgōng Deluxe base game and the Pànjūn Deluxe expansion.


  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Summer Palace
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Peasants Revolt
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: the Stairs of the Palace
  • Pànjūn Deluxe: extra Decrees and Cards
  • Gùgōng Deluxe: base game
  • Game Box: Big Box with a velvet finish
  • English rulebook + 1 other language of your choice

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