DCeased – A Zombicide Game (Kickstarter Preorder)


You will receive DCeased – A Zombicide Game, including  :

DCeased: Gotham Knights KS
DCeased: Arkham Asylum KS
DCeased: Green Lantern Corpse KS
DCeased: Mother Box
DCeased: Undead Gods
DCeased: Shadowpact
DCeased: Unkillables
DCeased: Tiles Set
DCeased: Justice Dice
DCeased: Extra Horde Zombies
DCeased: Omega Pack
DCeased: Life Equation Set


Disclaimer :

Additional Shipping Costs might occured if the parcel’s packaging are way too big (just like Marvel Zombie) – a total of 49kg.
ETA based on Marvel Zombie:
West Malaysia – RM100.00
East Malaysia (Air) – RM650.00
East Malaysia (Ship) – RM400.00


Pay a deposit RM1,349.50

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