Rococo Deluxe Edition


Rococo: Deluxe Edition – RM459.00 

Rococo: Deluxe Edition contains the previously released Jewelry Box expansion, the Festivity Dress expansion, and the Fancy Dresses promo, as well as a new “Madame du Barry” solo mode expansion.

Premium features and components include custom polyresin lace and thread miniatures; gold foil heat-stamped, wooden player markers; velveteen cloth bags for garments, silk, and jewelry tokens; a metal “golden” thimble marker; and upgraded punch boards for the garments, silk, and coins.

Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition – RM539.00 

Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition  contains everything listed above in the Deluxe Edition PLUS: the new Expert Tailors expansion; a multi-colored, polyresin Queen Figurine, and 32 Alternate Garment tiles for Festivity Dresses from 8 worldwide countries.


  • Rococo: Deluxe Edition (including The Jewelry Box expansion, Fancy Dresses promo, a Festivity Dress expansion and Madame du Barry solo mode expansion)
  • The new Expert Tailors expansion
  • A Queen Figurine (multi-colored polyresin)
  • 32 Alternate Garment Tiles for Festivity Dresses representing 8 additional countries

Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition – All-In Bundle – RM619.00 

Everything available for Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition PLUS fifty (50) metal, Baroque-style coins in 4 denominations, colors and sizes.


  • Rococo: Deluxe+ Edition PLUS
  • Fifty (50) metal, Baroque-style coins in 4 denominations, colors, and sizes

DEPOSIT REQUIRED IS ONLY RM100.00 for each pledge 

Estimate Delivery Date: November 27th, 2020


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